Useful Linux Information and Software

This page is simply a list of the links to various Linux information and software that I like to track.

Information pages

LWN.netan excellent subscription-supported weekly news site about Linux.
KernelTrapdaily blog of kernel (and related) development
Kernel traffic
weekly summaries of the latest discussion on the Linux kernel developers mailing list
Freshmeatlistings of (primarily free) software projects
RPMfindfind software binary RPM packages


Latest news and discussion about the Fedora Linux distribution
Distrowatchtrack package versions in different Fedora (and other) releases
SourceMageA source-based GNU/Linux distribution.


Webminweb based system-wide configuration tool
Sambashare drives over the network between linux and windows machines
XEmacstext editor extraordinaire
Firefoxweb browser
Privoxyweb proxy for filtering out ads and popups -- use the Adblock Plus Firefox plugin instead
Pidgin (gaim)an all around instant messenger client, supports AOL, ICQ, yahoo, MSN
gtk-gnutellaGnutella peer-to-peer file sharing client
Synergyeasily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems
TightVNCan efficent Virtual Network Computing client/server remote desktop control program
x2vncuse your Linux (X) mouse and keyboard to control another machine (X or Windows) via VNC -- use Synergy instead
x2xuse your X windows mouse and keyboard to control another machine via X -- use Synergy instead
WineMS Windows emulator -- run Windows applications without running Windows and
TinyCCvery small, very fast C compiler
Nicklean excellent command-line calculator with C language (and more) scripting
Ploadnetwork traffic load monitor


nVidia driversnVidia's closed-source opengl video drivers
nVNewsnVNews nVidia linux forum
Cg and shadersC for Graphics -- high level language for programmable shaders. Works primarily on nVidia.
G3Dmid-level, cross-platform C++ 3D graphics library with awkward linux support.
OpenGLUTan open source version of the OpenGL Utility Toolkit, a cross-platform graphics windows library.
SDLSimple DirectMedia Layer. Platform independent windowing library.
gluXcross platform easy OpenGL eXtension loading library
GLEWThe OpenGL Extension Wrangler - OpenGL extension loading library
SVGScalable Vector Graphics: 2D postscript-like XML web plugin -- Adobe's beta plugin crashes Mozilla -- convert SVG files to Flash SWF files
High Performance JavaScript VectorGraphics Library
Blendercommercial 3D geometry modeller turned open source
POV-RayPersistance of Vision Raytracer (with a backwards -- left-handed -- coordinate system)
Perl/TkGUI widget library for Perl
ImageMagickimage manipulation tools
Gifsiclecreate and modify optimized animated GIFs
InkscapeScalable Vector Graphics editor
Scribuspage layout and desktop publishing


mplayerthe ultimate video player (mpeg, divx, DVDs, quicktime)
xinexine multimedia player
VLCVideoLAN - VLC media player
xmmsX MultiMedia System -- GUI-based mp3 player
gripgtk-based cd-player and cd-ripper / encoder front-end
NotLamemp3 encoder based on LAME

Office tools

OpenOffice.orgOffice tools suite
GnumericExcel spreadsheet clone

Games and Entertainment

Frozen Bubbledangerously addictive tetris-like game. requires SDLperl which has trouble with some perl versions.
Jump 'n Bumpmulti-player on same keyboard side platform game. no single player mode.
Quake 3first person shooter. commerical, but free demo.
Freecivmultiplayer turn-based strategy game based on Sid Meyer's Civilization
NeverballMarble madness like game.
/Trackballs/Marble madness like game. Still in development, but playable.
dailystripsperl script that downloads comic strips and puts them in a local web page.
Really Slick
OpenGL screensavers. Available for both Linux and Windows.

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