Steven C. Dollins's Family Tree

Below are the family trees of my great-grandparents whose names are Bolech, Dollins, Gambriel, Gray, Placko, Sadak (Sadakova), Slahor (Slahorova), and Walden. If we are related or if you have additions or corrections, feel free to say hi to me or my mother, Anabeth Dollins, who is the active genealogist in our family. She also has more extensive genealogy web pages.

No, these trees are not in the standard family tree layout of the child between the parents, but lists in HTML make it handy to do this way. The indentation and bullet styles should make it easy enough to match up spouses.

Anton Bolech (1888-1974)

Achilles Douglas Dollins (1870-1961)

Dollie Sophronia Gambriel (1879-1967)

Bessie Opal Gray (1887-1975)

Jan Placko (1888-1963)

Anna Sadakova (1892-1979)

Elizabeth Slahorova (1897-1935)

Elbert Earl Walden (1885-1927)

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Steven C. Dollins
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